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Website Submitter

Get your business noticed. Once a world famous American business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and programmer said the following, "If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business."
Having an online presence is crucial to any business. Conduct business without borders. Reach out to wider market, unreachable via traditional methods.

Search Engine Submission

There are growing number of websites virtually every second. The vast world of search engine is so huge, it engulfs everything it crawls. The reality is whether your website would be picked up, indexed, listed according to your targeted goals.

Search Engine Submitter

It is proper to build a website with basic fundamentals. Get it hosted at reliable 247 place. Submit your website to a list of search engines, directories and classifieds.
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seo hits FREE URL Submitter / Website Submission
Dear Visitors/Readers/Friends,
Please use this website submission tool to submit multiple URLs to popular search engines.
Most of the search engines require only the URL and e-mail address to register the page, and the script will submit blank fields if they are not filled out. When you start the submission , a small window will pop up to control the submission. You can then continue to browse with this window. Before you submit your URL, you should take a look at your page's meta tags, or use Easy Meta when you have filled out the form below. Also feel FREE to use Word Calculator / Calculator or Character Counter / Calculator or Text Case Converter for your future website submissions.
Best regards, Alexander Paul Freenewspaper

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Search engines:
Altavista Excite Lycos
Infoseek Webcrawler HotBot What-U-Seek
Infomak Northern Light Polarsearch AOL Netfind
Euroferret PlanetSearch Rex Anzwers
Ibcnet Infospace SearchKing UK Index
Pro Find Powercrawler Zedin Intersearch
Bizop Links AAA World Announce Biz Directory Aaron's FFA Links
2HaveFun FFA Links 4u2 German FFA 5 STAR ADS NETWAY CO UK DIR
7 Wonders A Kids World Links A ST. FFA LINKS AAtlas Net Dir
Aavalance FFA Ableads Newlinks Academy FFA Ace Internet Dir
Acgom FFA Links Adams FFA Links Add It Free Add It Web Liks
AddaSite Links AddUrlsCom AD Link Data Ad Link
Adm City Links Admatic Classifieds AdNets FFA Adobe Trading Post
ADS FFA Links Aeroad Web Dir Africa Classifieds African American FFA
AfriScopes Class. FFA Link Book Aladin DE Directory Latino Bilingual Class.
Algo Net Links All In 1 Search Eng All World Links DE Web Dir
Alta Vista Australia Alta Vista Canada Am2mall Links Amea Dir
America Dir Business Classifieds Business Directory AmericaNet Classifieds
Comercial Class. FFA Links Dir Amnet Web Index Amorgos FFA Links
Amorn Web links Anointed Web Links Art Maker Links A Page FFA
API Links APIC Links Apple 2 Net Dir Applepie Links
Argo Navis Links Arkesini Links ARKG Links Countrymls Links
Auto Links Artesian Links ASIA LINKS Asia Trade
Asia Classifieds ASM Links Dir. Aspire Research Dir. AT&T Directory
Atarim Links Rrudder FFA Australia Links Austria Links
Austronaut Automatic Web Link Automatic World FFA Avalanche Web Links
Backyard Links BAOBAB'S INDEX BEEHIVE DIR. Bell Web Links
Benidorm Search Beryldshannon Links Best Business Index Marvelous Web Dir.
Better Business Links Bewoner Links B GUIDE SEARCH Beautiful Webs
Bills Links Bio Directory BIZ DELHI DIR Biz UK
BizBuilder Dir Bizlink Free Dir Black Widow BlueAudio Dir.
BlueChip Links Boulder Colo Dir Brians Links Bronze Door Dir
Brubakers Links Bryan Dir Italian Links 1 Million Hits
BuildNet Dir Business Assist. Dir Business By Design Design Links
Business Opp. Dir Business S Dir Bytesearch Calfish Links
Cameroon Database Cameroon New Links Can Directory Cardinal Engine
Pro Web Dir Cash From Home Catch a Wave CBIV China
CD Net Dir CD ROM Links Centurion Links WorldSubmissionCenter
Cgitest Links Chat Girl Chucks Links CITE12 LINKS
Clever Links Cofa FFA Links Colbymall Links Colosseum links
CompShack Class CompuLinks CyberMall Class. Cybernet Links
Cybersearch UK Dallidalli Dir Damnit Links Data Creek
Dead Point Links DEL RIO LINKS Delanet Dir DerErstedeutsche
Disneys Guide DiveIntcity DKI LINKS DLSchwartz Dir
DREAMBOOK Dresser Links DRS LINKS Drwsites Links
Dynamic Links Eagle Team Dir Earth Find Dir EARTHMALL DIR
Eco Travel Electric Cart Dir Elite Mall Emcosoft Dir
Energion Dir Escapades Links EUREKA RING DIR Euro Seek Links
Excite DE Germany EXES DIR FAPENET DIR FF Web Guide
PromoMasters Fischk Links FISHER DIR FLONGS DIR
FoLife Links ForthNet Dir FORYOURNEEDS Four 11 Spider
Foxatastic Dir Foxy Lady Dir Frans Dir Free 4 Ever
Free Web Links Free Classifieds FREE LINKS ISP ZONE LINKS
Free Lance Dir Free Links Com Freedom 2000 Dir Freelance Dir
Freemall Links Fremont Links Friday Night Online Frontpage Links
Future Direct Galactic Galaxy GALAXY PAGE GCC Dir
GDI Classifieds Get Hits Dir GFTS4U Dir GHP NetLinks
Ghpians Links Global Links Global Highway GlobalWeb Links
Gold Mine Dir Gold Net Links Gold Quest Class Greek Links
Gregors FFA GS Dir Gsnu Links Handnet Links
Hankins Class Harpwro Links HCSN Links Health Links
Health Wise Links Herbdr Links Hermanus HeyMon Links
HitchHikers Links HITS GALORE Hombiz Links Home Page Links
HONG KONG DIR Hong Kong Search Hoskins Hot List Germany
HRSK Dir HRUN WEB LINKS Hudval Dir Hummer
Hunsberger Dir IBC NET DIR Image Builders Dir Infohiway
InfoProbe Search Infoseek UK Innovative Functions Insite 2000
Jaguar Dir Jayde Online Jbabb Links Jelly Beanz Dir
Jenett Classifieds KC Web Dir KELI CO LINKS Legend
Link Book Dir Link Center Link Ease Link Monster
Linkbooster Linkstar Linkzone Lycos Sweden
Lycos UK Magic City Nerd World NetSonic

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This trial script was last updated on 24th December 2014 and 1st January 2015 and re-edited on 1st March 2017.

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